Monday, 26 February 2018

[Jerusalem / Cup of Trembling / Be Careful What You Wish For] Followers of the fake god of islam demand uprising over US embassy opening in Jerusalem (PressTV)

Muslims scholars demand uprising over US embassy opening in al-Quds

Sun Feb 25, 2018
... Qaradaghi further described the US decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds as a “declaration of war on Muslims and a step to legitimize an illegitimate occupation.”

On Saturday, the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, strongly condemned the Washington’s move, terming it as “provocative” for all Muslim and Arab nations. ...
More debunking the fairy tale of islam being a religion of peace, tolerance, coexistence and everything nice at PressTV

[YouTube / Burden of Damascus / Wars and Rumours of Wars / Israel / Iran / Ezekiel 38 / Psalm 83] MIDEAST UPDATE: "We will probably witness a major war between Israel and the Iranian axis this year" (EverythingNewUnderThe Son)

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[YouTube / Wars and Rumours of Wars - North Korea / Burden of Damascus / Lawlessness / Burden of Egypt / Jesus Saviour / Redemption / Water of Life] Current Events February 25, 2018 (Awake All Ye Nations)

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[YouTube / USA / Israel / Jerusalem / Psalm 83 / Ezekiel 38 / Angry muslim stereotype / Wars and Rumours of Wars / Gospel - Jesus Saviour - Revelation - Redemption] PROPHECY REVEALED FEB 25, 2018 - BILLY GRAHAM DIED AT 99 (Calvary Melbourne Australia)

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[YouTube / Jesus Saviour / Message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing] GREEKS SEEK AFTER WISDOM (LONNIE MARTIN)


[Terror Australis / Burden of Damascus / Allah the Kuffar Slayer / Brides of Genocide] Evil sisters of Islamic State play victim

Evil sisters of Islamic State play victim

Jennifer Oriel
February 26, 2018
... The black widows of Islamic State are creeping out of the caliphate and into the West. Having lost the battle to enslave women and girls for the cali­phate, the brides of genocide are demanding the right of return to the countries declared enemies of Allah. ...
More on the returning followers of the Kuffarcidal fake god at The Australian

[YouTube / Revived Roman Empire / Feet of Iron and Clay] Electoral New HOPE: Italy STRIKES BACK at the EU (Black Pigeon Speaks)

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Sunday, 25 February 2018

[YouTube / Jerusalem - Cup of Trembling - Burdensome Stone] US Embassy Move to Jerusalem Set for "This Generation" ???, February 2018 (PaulthePoke)

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[YouTube / Terror Australis / Fake god - blasphemous koran - sharia - driving while muslim - my jihad] Senior Australian judge tells court that Australia has been “under attack” by Muslims for 15 years (Aussie Angels Against Sharia)

# Aussie Angels Against Sharia

[YouTube / Age of Trump / Israel / Jerusalem / Cup of Trembling / Peace and Security / Jesus Saviour / Redemption] PROPHECY UPDATE: TRUMP TO OPEN JERUSALEM EMBASSY MAY 14TH (SHOFAR MINISTRIES)


[YouTube / USA / Wisconsin / Hedjabbery: Another tale about margarinised muslims in an age of islamic terror-casting and rebellion against God] NWTC Celebrates World Hijab Day (NWTCTube)

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# Perhaps the fake god's followers in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the Dar al-Harb could take them off for a day, in solidarity with those in parts of the dar al-islam who are compelled to wear them, and long for the freedom to remove them ...

Iran police arrest 29 women for appearing in public without hijab | Breaking News US/Australia


[USA / Spinning a yarn about a 'phobia' following the 9/11 attacks with their many victims and getting the tale published on a 'news' site] How Fear Of The Fake God's Evil Religion Has Conditioned Someone After Many People Died On 9/11

How Islamophobia Has Conditioned Me

By Mahjabeen Syed
... Turning ones' phone off or the battery dying is probable. When people don't return calls, not everyone assumes the worst.

But as a Muslim Indian, I can't help it.

She was happy and surprised to see me. All I could babble was, "I was worried, you didn't pick up your phone" before I started silently bawling. ...
More on the bawling victim of 'islamophobia' who had a mother with a mobile phone with a flat battery and an unplugged landline at Chicago Now

# The fake god's followers should look to Trump to deal with islamic terrorism - less terrorism should lead to less fear of the evil religion, which should lead to less babbling and bawling when a muslim has a flat battery and an unplugged landline.

Trump vows to abolish radical Islamic terrorism


[YouTube / Jesus Saviour / Age of Trump / Lawlessness / Terror - Israel / Burden of Damascus - Turkey / Moloch] Current Events February 24, 2018 (Awake All Ye Nations)

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[YouTube / Israel / Ezekiel / Wars and Rumours of Wars] BREAKING Israel Direct WAR with IRAN not IF but WHEN February 23 2018 News (u2bheavenbound)

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[YouTube / USA / Chicago / Hedjabbery: 'News' site confuses islamic dawa with 'education' of 'non-muslims'] WGN News Covers the Hijab Billboard by GainPeace - Feb 19 2018 (gainpeace)

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